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ARML 2010: Adventure Log


It's nice to know that the Eastern MA coaches are getting used to me. For the first time, I don't think any of them mistook me for a contest participant. As for me, I'm getting used to being a minion.

Our first attempt to stop for lunch at 1pm met with trouble because there was no bus parking at the Mall at Steamtown. So we went to the Wyoming Valley Mall at 2pm. The coaches announced that people had to be back on the bus at 2:30, and the bus driver got pissed off when the coaches themselves took 'til about 3pm to arrive. Oops.


The usual amusement park trip to Hershey Park was replaced with a trip to DelGrosso's Amusement Park. While there, I ended up playing through the mini-golf course with two of the coaches. It leads me to I suspect that in previous years, the head coach went golfing during the Hershey Park trip. If this was why I wasn't cool enough to hang out with the coaches during that part last year, then meh—I don't see myself enjoying real golf.

Friday evening, after returning from DelGrosso's, I'd hoped to go downtown for some Internet time—but there was a coaches' dinner to attend. Two of us missed the shuttle there, so instead we caught a "catabus" (alas, it wasn't fuzzy and cat-shaped). About halfway into the dinner, we saw the entire NYC team arrive—they were the dinner's other attendees.

On the way back from the dinner, the two Eastern MA people who ran the song contest an hour and a half later... found out that they were running the song contest. This is at least the third year in a row that Eastern MA people have run the song contest, probably on approximately no notice.


Saturday morning, I arrived at the Bryce Jordan Center a little before 8am and looked for the entrance I'd used last year. This time it was actually shut, but there was another door nearby which had failed to close properly. Maybe this is a common problem for facilities with lots of doors.

Saturday afternoon, I ran back to the dorms to see if help was needed for loading luggage onto the bus. When I returned to the Power Round grading rooms, people were sitting around and chatting. Apparently we finished at around 1:30pm, in record time.

In the end, I never had a chance to go downtown, which made for somewhat little free time to write e-mails or meet up with people. At least I could feed my Internet addiction through the bus's and Bryce Jordan's wireless; and I did have some time to chat at grading. I do wonder whether the Friday night Mathcamper dinner and the Mathcamper lunch tables still happen these days... but as far as Mathcamp is concerned, I'm old and crufty now.

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Your trip was Thursday through Saturday? That's interesting; ours was Friday through Sunday.