pteromys: Braaaaaaains... (ibrains)
Pteromys ([personal profile] pteromys) wrote2010-06-30 10:23 am


It's pretty cool that I can have mathy conversations with people on my hall; it takes a special kind of craziness to enjoy arguing about the difference between supremum and essential supremum at 2 AM.

That said, I really need to learn to say, "Can we talk about this an hour from now?" because I really shouldn't be letting a single math question hijack a conversation. I'd prefer not to take my obsession to the level where I make people feel excluded for not being math majors. (I hope that hasn't already happened.)

h/t to [ profile] eyefragment for planting the seed of this thought in a comment thread sometime and somewhere; I suspect the comment, wherever it is, actually looked real similar to this.

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