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Pteromys ([personal profile] pteromys) wrote2010-08-20 09:45 pm

Somerville Adventure Log

Every time I go have an adventure in Boston, I seem to get more of an adventure than I bargained for. It was going to be just a little walk through Boston to the Causeway and back through Cambridge, but that changed when I got to the Causeway. Things I have learned today, partial list:

  1. The Causeway is cars-only. No pedestrians. :(
  2. Just south of Bunker Hill Community College is a sidewalk with these colorful lightposts. Unfortunately, the sidewalk is marked "no pedestrians" and "no bicycles".
  3. Between BHCC and the Sullivan T stop, there is no pedestrian path across the Commuter Rail tracks. Maybe I should've tried harder not to miss the BHCC crossing.
  4. Inner Belt Rd is a dead end. It's also half a mile long.
  5. Lots of interesting plants grow by the Commuter Rail tracks, including thistles and a fruit that looks like an Indian bitter melon (but whose leaves look completely different).
  6. The Lechmere T stop is like right next to the Galleria.
  7. The sidewalk between Memorial Drive and the river, just west of the Longfellow bridge, is bustling with spiders! I think they're garden orb-weavers from the shape, but I forgot to look at the webs. Oops.

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