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On Friday, June 3, 2011, I walked half a mile with a cake on my head.

In which I get hit by a falling branch... )

Happy International Sushi Day, everyone! (h/t [ profile] cesium12)

Edit 2011-06-18 13:58: Other comments over at LJ. Until I figure out how to import entries, the backstory is also over there.

Edit 2011-08-26 22:44: My LJ entries are now imported. All entries older than this and newer than "Peer pressure" (2006-02-18) came from LiveJournal.

Edit 2011-09-25 21:10: Silly wikipedia, deleting the International Sushi Day entry for failing notability. Link changed.

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I know your past experience suggests otherwise, but this one is actually about sushi! Or at least, it's more about sushi than any of my previous entries.

You see, nothing says "classy" quite like caviar does...

top view

...and nothing says "dorky cook" quite like homemade, orange-flavored, fake caviar does.

On April 19, I played some more with spherification, and this was the result. I've just now gotten around to posting about it. Check out the rest of the photos!

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The first week and a half of Sushi has been crazy and full of parties. So, when people ask me how I'm liking it here, I wonder how I'm supposed to know. Really, this is only an... appetizer. I'll only know for sure after the start of the main course—the classes—tomorrow. (It's been much like CPW... which we could represent as the "samples"—those little bits of teriyaki chicken on toothpicks that some Japanese restaurants like to give to passerby.)

I could also compare this to jumping into a pool, like what we all did for the swim test today. Pool water is always cold. Whenever I jump in I have some apprehension about how uncomfortable it'll be, and whether it'll be so extreme that I'll be thinking, "I.H.T.F.Pool," as I get out. I wonder if that was running through the minds of any of the swim test participants at the end of the four pool-lengths they had to swim.

It's now September 5th—heretofore known as "tomorrow". One might correspond the stroke of midnight with the bell beginning a swim meet event. It's at this moment when we—the swimmers— all leap out over the pool from our positions on the diving blocks. After that there's only a brief interval of time before we hit the water. I hope it's not too cold. Wait, I pray it's not too cold...

To whomever an agnostic prays: I.L.T.F.Pool! May that still be true when I climb out of it four pool-lengths from now.


Mar. 29th, 2007 11:08 pm
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Saturday, March 17, 2007 was the day of an event which we shall simply call "Sushi". When I signed on to AIM near noon the next day, it came as no surprise that more than one person jumped to ask about it (not actual names):

  • Kanpachi (12:28 PM)
  • Ika (12:29 PM)
  • Kaki (12:36 PM)
  • Unagi (2:08 PM)

Ika jumped straight to the point with the first IM he sent me that day:

Stuff happens )

The Game

Mar. 18th, 2007 10:01 pm
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Wow, the aount of privacy the individual student has in college admissions is astounding. It gives the student the power to leave everybody else with no clue what is happening. For example, I had the application fee waived for RPI, so I theoretically could have had my family believing I'd never applied there. This power becomes really interesting as admissions decisions start to arrive. The privacy of decisions allows me to tell all sorts of lies about which schools have accepted me. So, if I lie inconsistently, what do most people end up believing?

The outcome mght tell me a great deal about which of my peers like to gossip about me. If it's ever discovered that all the confusion resulted from my own dishonesty, I could also learn how people react to my doing something that's out-of-character.

Suppose the adoped belief of the majority turns out to be the mistaken one. Who cares? It just makes the game that much more interesting. The truth will eventually make itself known regardless of what I do; my absence from school on April 12-13 is not likely to go unnoticed by my peers.

In other news, I lost.

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